Crete Greece. Need a guide for your holidays?

Holidays in Crete Greece, a guide at the most southern part of Europe is an ideal place for vacations.

The island with the crystal clear sandy beaches, sunny 9 months a year, makes it the perfect place for rest and entertainment.

Visit the museums and the palaces of the oldest civilisation in Europe, play golf, enjoy the Mediterranean food, do walks or just rest at one of the dozens beaches of the island.

Let us guide you to the secrets of this land. The birth land of Zeus, the land of minotaurus, the land of the ancient kings.


Crete Cuisine

A taste of Crete favorite traditional dishes.

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Herbs of Crete

Some of the most common herbs of Crete.

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Visit Greece, Crete and combine your holidays with a pleasant Spa treatment. In Crete you can find many resorts offering a variety of Spa services.

Weather in Crete

Crete as the Southest part of Europe and Greece has the mildest climate. Sunny most of the year, with just enough rains mostly at the winter time.

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Beaches of Crete

Crete is inviting you to explore its beaches. A real treasure of the famous and sunny beaches, makes Crete the perfect place for sun and relaxation vacations.

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